Mrs. Sarah Njoku

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Sarah lost her husband in July 2011. She has 5 children aged between 16 and 5 years to cater for. Her late husband was a carpenter. Since his demise, she has received support from her church-The Hilltop International Christian Centre and wonderfully her husband’s family. She has a small mobile restaurant which was right in front of her house was what she depended on until she met WWWFEL.

She was very ill and sad, however, following business needs assessment, she was able to articulate her immediate needs-business expansion which will lead to increased income and ultimately take care of her children. Sarah passed WWWFEL 2-pronged test-Living below $1.00/day and all her children are still dependents. She also committed to monthly savings and monitoring of her books by WWWFEL.

WWWFEL provided her with a canopy which was very important to her as she wanted the comfort of her customers, she was also provided with bulk quantities of foodstuff worth over N30,000.