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Mrs. Stella Emeka-Okoli

Mrs. Stella Emeka-Okoli, BSc, Mass Communicatioin and MSc in Sustainable Development from University College London. She has also a certificate in Applied Neuroscience & Brain Work.

Mrs. Nwogo Robert-Oragbon

Mrs. Nwogo Robert-Oragbon, an astute banker with over 12 years experience in retail and management


Dr. Victoria Wilson, fellow IITA and principal consultant based with over 20 years experience in crop breeding, women empowerment and management.

Mrs. Rebecca Oyekanmi

Mrs. Rebecca Oyekanmi, BSc Biology Education, PGD Business Admin with over 10 years of field experience in community development.


  • To help women understand their value to themselves, society and be able to demand their fundamental human rights in order to contribute their quota as change agents.
  • To provide economic resources for vulnerable women thereby reducing their vulnerabilities.
  • To support women to feel valuable, dream and become positive change agents within their immediate and broader circles of influence.


  • To uplift women from personal and social struggles to a place of self-appreciation, dignity, empowerment.
  • To mediate on-behalf of disadvantaged women on civil/human rights and social deprivations.
  • To provide succor via counseling and support to widows and their Children (and where practical widowers).
  • To provide a platform of linkage to health improvement opportunities through partnership with health institutions and programmes.
  • To provide a social incubator for networking, friendship and fellowship with special focus on the mature single women and mothers.

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